Jul 8, 2010

Jennifer and Robert 7-3-10

This past fourth of July weekend I photographed one of my best friend's sister's wedding.  Jen and Bobby had a great wedding on the beach, a celebration at Anthony's Ocean view, and then a beach party/bonfire at their house on the water in East Haven.  I gotta say Jen and Bobby where two of the most action packed bride and groom to photograph... The laughter, the tackling in the sand, cake in the face, and an unexpected run into the ocean at the end of the night created some really fun pictures!  These two had a blast on their wedding day and the pictures show it!  Thanks again Jen and Bobby for having me capture your wedding day!

Here are a few preview pictures that I wanted to show off now while I work on the others.  There will be many many more; I look forward to creating a website and showing you a slideshow of whole day.

Congrats to Jen and Bobby!

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  1. Great Shots! With that much cake on his face he looks like he is getting ready to shave!