Oct 7, 2013

Recent Photo Shoot with Quest Fitness: TRX Training Photography

This past Saturday morning I was up bright and early to photograph for Quest Fitness in Guilford CT.  This shoot was high intensity, fast paced, fun.  I owe a big thanks to Stu Munro for assisting me on this shoot.  Stu and I got quite a work out ourselves just trying to keep up with the fast pace and excitement of the Quest Fitness workouts.

Thanks for checking out some sample images from the shoot.


Speedlite 600ex-RT to photograph TRX training.  I was able to wirelessly trigger and control remote flash settings and ratios from the dials on my on camera speedlite.
Highspeed sync was used most of the time to increase shutter speed and stop action.
Shoot through Umbrella was attached to the off camera speedlite.
Wide angle lens (16-35mm) to capture group excercise class and facility size
50mm prime to provide shallow depth of field and separate trainer and/or clients from surrounding
100mm macro for some crystal clear images of clients training
24-70mm was used to be prepared for unexpected changes and lots of movement in a small space.

Mar 7, 2012

Kerry and Chris Wedding 2-25 Central Park

Kerry and Chris, February 25, 2012
The Loeb Boat House, Central Park, New York City

Photographing a winter wedding, in Central Park, NYC, with inclimate weather in the forecast, portraits after sunset, a big wedding party, and the navigational skills of a back-country hiker (not a city-mouse here).  This was getting me a little nervous leading up to the big day for Kerry and Chris! 

How did it turn out.... Well... it could not have been better!  First off, Kerry and Chris were amazing to work with!  They were incredibly friendly, fun, happy, and an absolute pleasure to photograph.  Their bridal party, family and friends... were just as great!

The weather was windy and chilly!!! Although it was calm and only mildly chilly in the protection of the Central Park Bethesda fountain mall.  it was one of the most amazing spots for a portrait session.  It is also important to note that the weather turned out to be a little magical at one point in the night (I don't use the term "magical" often).  All of a sudden, an incredible snow flurry came and went in a matter of minutes!  The timing was perfect; it happened right after we were taking what we thought was our final bride and groom portraits.  Just so you understand how magical this was, you have to know that the theme of this wedding was SNOWFLAKE!  crazy!  And for those of you who aren't familiar with the winter weather that we have been having, snow has been as common in the Northeast this year as a typical winter in Aruba.  Who could argue with my claim of "magical" when you see the smile that Chris and Kerry are sharing as the snow came down.

So portraits turned out great, navigating New York City was a cinch, and i had incredible 2nd shooting and assisting from Kasey and Jeremy Matson.

I was very excited to be photographing this wedding because, as it turns out, I am related to the groom's family.  Its not everyday that a photographer meets a relative as he's meeting about wedding photography and capturing his wedding day.  It was great to get to know Chris and Kerry through the lens of a photographer.  They are wonderful people with amazing family and friends!

Thanks again to Chris and Kerry for choosing Coppola Photography!  Here is a sneak peak of your wedding images:


Feb 27, 2012

Crystal and Ben Engagement Shoot

I had a great time working with Crystal and Ben last week.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to find a good spot to shoot an engagement session in the winter, but Crystal suggested two spots along the Shoreline that turned out to be excellent: The Branford Library and Bishops Orchards.  We lucked out with beautiful weather to top it off!  Thanks for being a pleasure to work with Crystal and Ben!  I'm Looking forward to shooting your wedding in November!