Jun 10, 2009

REV3 Triathlon Assignment

By far the coolest photo assignment I have ever had!!!  This past weekend I was hired by Cannondale bikes to photograph the Revolution 3 Triathalon in Middlebury, CT.  The half Ironman (1.2mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) had about 30 Professional athletes and almost a thousand amateurs.  I focused mainly on Mirinda Carfrae, Cannondale's pro rider, from brisbane, Australia.  She was up against a few Olympic triathletes and former Hawaii Ironman champs (Joanna Zeiger USA and Natascha Badmann SWI).  I knew she was an amazing triathlete but I never expected her to finish first!!!  What an amazing day!  
listen how crazy this weekend was.... I photographed for shore publishing on sat. from 930 to 1230, shot a wedding with Steve Depino (awesome photographer) from 2pm until midnight.  I got home around 1230am and spent the next hour clearing memory cards and recharging batteries.  I fell asleep in my chair around 130am and woke up at 330am for the tri shoot.  Arrived at 5am, The athletes came soon after to prepare and warm-up.  They hit the water for the swim at 7am.  I was cruising around in the back of a pick up truck following the bikers from about 830-10, and captured Miranda's finish at around 1130.  One of the best photography weekends I've had!
Check out the Cannondale website www.cannondale.com , two of my images of Mirinda are on the homepage!
I'll be shooting for Cannondale again tonight... they will be testing out a new bike at a local race.  I'll be photographing from the back of a motorcycle... wish me luck.

Jun 4, 2009

Iconic Madison Assignment

This past weekend I had an assignment from ELAN magazine.  A small local magazine that is part of Shore Publishing.  They sent me out to capture a few Iconic Madison shots... here are a few of the images I submitted.  I think they are using one of them for their cover image... Sweet!