Oct 7, 2013

Recent Photo Shoot with Quest Fitness: TRX Training Photography

This past Saturday morning I was up bright and early to photograph for Quest Fitness in Guilford CT.  This shoot was high intensity, fast paced, fun.  I owe a big thanks to Stu Munro for assisting me on this shoot.  Stu and I got quite a work out ourselves just trying to keep up with the fast pace and excitement of the Quest Fitness workouts.

Thanks for checking out some sample images from the shoot.


Speedlite 600ex-RT to photograph TRX training.  I was able to wirelessly trigger and control remote flash settings and ratios from the dials on my on camera speedlite.
Highspeed sync was used most of the time to increase shutter speed and stop action.
Shoot through Umbrella was attached to the off camera speedlite.
Wide angle lens (16-35mm) to capture group excercise class and facility size
50mm prime to provide shallow depth of field and separate trainer and/or clients from surrounding
100mm macro for some crystal clear images of clients training
24-70mm was used to be prepared for unexpected changes and lots of movement in a small space.

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