Sep 24, 2010

CD Cover Shoot

This afternoon and early evening, I photographed my soon-to-be father in-law, Jim Paradis.  I wanted to try out some new lighting techniques and he needed an image for his album cover.  I was so fortunate not only to have beautiful light, and a fun subject, but I also had the best assistant I could ask for... Christy!  She helped a ton except for the time she wasn't needed and decided to peg me with acorns while I photographed her father.

 Christy was holding a large gold reflector (camera left)... this helped to reflect golden light into this shady spot, and having Christy standing there helped to get some natural smiles from Jim.  If I ever needed a smile from him I would just say, "look at Christy"

 Here is a fine art image mixed in.  I'll have to make a print for the nice woman that let us use her incredible barn for some photographs. 

 Christy was throwing acorns at me during this shot.  Anyone want to guess where this is?... I'll give you a hint.... People are dying to get in here.

 having fun on the long walk out to grass island.

 For these last two shots Christy held an off camera flash fired through a shoot through umbrella, triggered using the new Pocket Wizard wireless transmitters.

Any votes for the album cover shot?


  1. Can't thank you enough for a fun afternoon and some awesome work... I love it!!! And yea... Any votes for the CD cover?????

  2. I like 3, 6, 10, 11, and 12 best (in no particular order)...perhaps 3, 6, or 10 for the front and 11 or 12 for the back or inside insert?

    Great photos as always!

  3. Hmm... I like 12 (it has kind of a real Garth Brooks-y feel to it!). And the one's on the red hut: number 14, in particular (maybe a bit Jimmy Buffet-y, but that TOTALLY works for you, skip). Stephan

  4. 12 and 15 are my favorite... not that I don't like my brothers gorgeous face and all... just saying. 3 probably is best for the cover though. I love them all. Very very well done... like the music! -MJP

  5. Your soon to be Aunt Carol told me about your site. Great Photos (given my cousin as your subject ;>). Tell Jim I'm partial to #9121, 9762, and 9646 in that order.

    Congrats on your wedding and welcome to the family.

    Rus (AKA Frank)