Aug 12, 2010

Battle of Brimfield: Civil War Reenactment

All of my images (and some of Christy's) can be seen here:

More about the day:

Wow!... this was insane.  These guys totally transform into character for the weekend.  They eat, sleep, breathe, and sometimes die(fake dieing) Civil War reenactment.  Myself along with another photographer, Robert Arnold ( were the only two non-reenactors allowed on the battlefield (thanks Sue for the Press Pass!).  It was unbelievable!  I can't even describe the power of these cannons when they fire... the sound hits you with a thud to your chest.  The whole scene was crazy.  Guys(and gals dressed as men) were sword fighting and firing rifles, pistols, and cannon's non-stop.  There were cavalry units running all over the place.  Men dropping left and right...  and I stuck out like a sore thumb with this big camera, shorts and Keen sandals.  Next time I do this I'll find some Civil War gear and wear it so i fit in.  I'll wrap the big white lenses in with some burlap or something.

Besides being in the middle of a crazy civil war battle, my highlights of the day were teaching Christy some photography, eating the pig roast, and meeting Bob Arnold.  Bob has been a photographer for over 30 years and he's got a great passion for the art!  it was great dodging non-existent cannonballs on the battlefield, and then having lunch with him.

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  1. Great Pics...I am impressed at the way in which the actors have concern for every detail! This is a community that is so passionate about their are a good match for this (as well as your other projects!) Thanks for sharing.