Dec 7, 2010

Ashley Mirando: Amazing Singer

This Past Sunday I had the chance to help out my cousin Ashley Mirando with photography to help her promote her budding musical career.  She has the most unbelievable voice!

Christy and I were so lucky to have her sing "What a Wonderful World" at our wedding.  Ashley singing during our ceremony is one of the funniest stories from our day.  Ashley's song began playing before she arrived at the mic, so she had to go into a halfway sprint to get to the mic in time to sing the first words.  Everyone was awe-struck by her ability to hit the first note beautifully after a running start.

We photographed at a few locations: the Hopkins' property (Thank you so much Hopkins Family!), a few random spots in madison... sneaking onto people's properties for quick photos, and finally the spot at the end of neck road, Madison.

Ashley was great to work with; she was fun and had the perfect attitude to bare the cold and adjust to horses trying to eat her shirt... true story.  We had Christy, Michelle, Tyler, and Nikki all around to help out and make the whole experience fun and relaxed!  Thanks for all of the help everyone!

Here are a few of my favorite images from the day: